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Read medical definition of Superior. For a more complete listing of terms used in medicine for spatial orientation, please see the entry to "Anatomic Orientation.

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Looking for online definition of superior in the Medical Dictionary? superior explanation free. What is superior? Meaning of superior medical term. What does .

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Standard anatomical terms of location deal unambiguously with the anatomy of animals, . For example, in the anatomical position the most superior part of the human body is the head, and the most inferior is the feet. . These terms are generally preferred in veterinary medicine and not used as often in human medicine.

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Medical definition for the term 'superior' superior[sū-pēr′ē-ŏr]. Type:Term. Definitions 1. In human anatomy, situated nearer the vertex of the head in relation .

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Start studying Medical Terminology: Inferior & Superior Body Directions. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Anatomical terms of location are vital to understanding, and using Anterior ( ventral) refers to the 'front', and posterior (dorsal) refers to the.

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of three pairs of anatomical opposites in terms used by healthcare professionals and biomedical engineers. The Difference between Medial and Lateral, Proximal and Distal, and Superior and Inferior . Markets>Medical.

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Scientists often prefer to use technical terms that are usually (but not always) more precise than those found in everyday language. So "superior.

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1 Anatomical Position; 2 Planes of the Body; 3 Anatomical Terms Coronal plane/lateral/frontal - This plane runs through the body, also . University of Michigan Medical School: Medical Gross Anatomy Learning Resources.

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Some of the terms are obvious, like right and left. Other intuitive terms can fail us, however. For example The nose is superior to the mouth.