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This charming Russian shows you. In just a few days his video has had more than 4 million views on YouTube. Who wants a Coke after.

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-After 30 minutes or so, the liquid start thicken and become molasses. -As the cola molasses dry, it become like charcoal and really stick to the pot. Thanks for.

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If you've ever needed a horrific visual representation of how much sugar there is in a bottle of coke, look no further.

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You Will Never Want To Drink Cola Again After Seeing It Boiled. . When the soda is boiled, the water evaporates, leaving behind copious.

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As it turns out, if you boil Coke, you may answer differently. a two-liter bottle into an even larger pot, and, well you can guess what happens.

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Are you totally obsessed with Coca-Cola? Have you ever thought while grabbing a can of coke, how would boiled soda taste? Well, it is indeed.

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Coca Cola or other fizzy, sugary drinks have always been under the controversial scrutiny, whether it was the experiment where a tooth.

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To find out how much sugar there is in a bottle of Coke, a guy made the following experiment. He boiled a bottle of coke, and what he found is something you.

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Once all the water evaporates, what once was a soft drink appears to turn into a thick black sticky tar.