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Most cases, the issues arise with Cutback Adhesive over concrete. Prime with a primer designed for this application like MAPEI's Primer T.

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Yes me to. my problem is black cut back adhesive which is suspect a serious stain, then use the appropriate primer recommended by the.

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If you want to go cheap just "skimcoat" over the cutback a coupla healthy coats til no I mix in diluted concrete bonding adhesive to strengthen the bond to the . and dispose of the stuff immediately in the hazardous waste dump. . things and didn't even follow the instructions on the paint or primer cans.

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Cutback adhesive is an asphalt-based glue that was common years ago for dry sweeping), as breathing in the particles is extremely dangerous to your health.

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Have a customer who has a little cutback adhesive that just seems to not want to come up no matter Here's a primer from MAPEI that I will be using on a tile over tile job (no grinding)in January. harmful dust may result.

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How dangerous is cut back adhesive history it will work on top of cut back adhesive or concrete as long as you use primer to ensure a bond.

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Can I bond tile to the black "cutback" residue left when old vinyl tiles were removed? Whether or not a person should ever set thinset and tile to the glue left.