Our Home Builder Choice – Finally!

I’ve noticed my wife looking over the real estate market in Minnesota on her laptop while she’s been eating breakfast lately. I was a little curious about this, but didn’t bring it up for a few days to see if she would mention it first.

She was a little embarrassed when I mentioned it. She apparently has been trying to get research done so I wouldn’t notice. However, we talked about it and we now have an understanding.

Her annual bonus at her law firm was considerably more than she expected it to be, and she’s thinking about using it to buy some cheap rural, wooded land with a cottage or cabin in Minnesota. She knows that I love hunting and fishing, and she’s thinking she can get me a place as an anniversary present.

She thinks maybe me and my hunting buddies could go there in the winter on weekends, since she’s often swamped in her law firm. She’s also kind of hoping to find a lot with a lake that her relatives could visit during the warmer months when she’s willing to head that far north. The long days up there can be quite romantic on the water.

We decided to look at an actual house, and we’re now looking at a home on Lino Lakes. We found a great home builder and we think we’re going with Tollberg Homes. They’re the only ones that we liked their designs and their service. Having a new home built won’t be cheap but it will be the best long term option for getting exactly what we want, on the lot and region that we want. Fingers crossed… but we’re excited!