Evaluating The Real Estate Market In Minnesota

It’s time for me to retire, and I know that I want to go back to my roots. Minnesota is the natural place to return for me and my family. Both of our families settled early on from Scandinavia in Minnesota. We are not only very much at home there, but feel a need to go back to ensure that our heritage that’s woven into American life is preserved and lives on through our efforts.

Beyond that, we love long, cold winters spent ice skating, playing hockey, and enjoying a nice, warm comforting dinner with our friends and family. We can think of nothing better than that.

Though, it appears everyone has rediscovered their roots in Minnesota, and it has made it financially a stretch to afford a house back home. Though, we have found that through persistence, and taking care in prioritizing our needs we have been able to find just the home to suit us.

We decided to rent summer cabins rather than buy. This will free up time to devote to our home. We have skipped out on the idea of condominiums or anything with a homeowners association, as those are nightmarish wastes of money for retirees like us.